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“This gem reminds me of James Taylor.  Christian is a quality singer-songwriter.”  
--Absolute Powerpop

“Think Jackson Browne with a fuller, more modern sound.  Christian's writing is superb.”  
--Aiding & Abetting



“The band soars with great piano and guitar! An Eagles easy feeling drive to it with sweet pedal-steel and lyrics that sound as if they could have been penned by Jackson Browne. 'Flowers and Song' has a nod to Graham Nash’s Laurel Canyon love songs while 'Summer’s Gonna Roll You' is a funky stroll through early seventies country rock.”  --Americana UK


"Excellent!" --A n' R Magazine


“Daniel Christian delivers… You’ll definitely be a fan!”  --Awaken Music


“Christian has a great voice, and his melodies are instantly familiar-sounding and intelligent.” 



“Daniel Christian leaves his audience wanting more of his thought-provoking lyrics and his effortless guitar and piano.”  --Butler County Arts Council


“An outstanding musician with a knack for putting an audience at ease. His laid-back style and friendly personality make Daniel a delight to work with and a joy to watch on stage. We can’t wait to have him back again!”   --Marcy Brandt, Executive Director of Minden Opera House


“Daniel Christian is a songwriter whose compositions are strong on melody, with intelligent lyrics that challenge the listener. He is a gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist who plays with an intensity and passion beyond his years.  In a musical landscape where there are so many posers and manufactured artists, Daniel stands out as the real deal.”  
--Charlie Chadwick, two-time Grammy-winner, Nashville session musician, producer, and inventor of the Chadwick Folding Bass



“Daniel Christian is a Midwest singer-songwriter with a compelling voice playing roots/pop music in his own style.  His songs are heartfelt and honest, with lyrics that any audience can relate to.” 
--Crescent Moon


"Perfect power-pop, exceptional vocal harmonies, top-notch production and delivery. If you are looking for a bunch of well-written, infection melodies, don't pass this up." 
--Divide & Conquer Music


“Daniel performs with poise, enthusiasm and great skill.  Each song is unique and cleverly crafted.  The imaginative piano solos are delightfully virtuosic and his voice is acrobatic.” 
–-Englewood Colorado Civic Center



"An exciting, unique performer whose songs lift you up when you hear them. Daniel is a great talent and Nebraska is lucky to have him!"
--Bobby Miles, Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI)



“Daniel Christian is a talented musician who we can always count on to provide a high-quality performance.  His stories entertain us and make us laugh. We always look forward to having Daniel back on campus!” --Andrea Hays, Housing/Activities Coordinator, Central Community College 

“Daniel's music strikes a chord with every audience member because his lyrics are so honest, real and touching. His storytelling leaves you with a smile on your face and joy in your heart! Delightful!” –De Heaton, Executive Director of Corning Opera House 

“Magnificent stuff!  One foot in pop/rock, another in country & folk.  Nice harmonies, great melodies!”   --Radio Crystal Blue

“Daniel Christian was born to make music.  His passion, creativity, artistry, and humor break down the distinction between audience and performer.  By the end of the evening, his audience is singing along with the same joy that fills Daniel.”   --Paul Hosford, Albion Area Arts Council


“Daniel Christian has a strong sense of melody, a commanding vocal presence and the soul of a poet. His vocals make Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger sound like a second-class karaoke singer. The band behind him is full and robust, like a French-pressed cup of coffee.”


“Daniel Christian is an exceptional Nebraska musician. He engages and captivates our audiences, singing the classics and his original music with absolute ease and passion. He offers a wide variety of genres, all blended into a perfect musical smoothie.  A true treat for the ears and soul!”  
--Chelsey Jungck, Special Events Coordinator, Nebraska State Fair


"Truly wonderful songs written by a gifted singer."  --Laurie McClain, Nashville singer-songwriter


"A fantastic upbeat sound full of fun and excitement, it’s no wonder Daniel's music has gained plenty of airplay on a variety of stations. The songs pull you away on a journey of great music and lyrics.  Daniel has hit a homerun!  Do yourself a favor and do not pass these albums by."  
--Joel Michalec, WBTM Radio (Wilmington, Delaware)



“Christian’s well-crafted music is part country, part storyteller." --MusicScribe

"Daniel Christian is a creative and talented singer/songwriter who we are privileged to feature in our venue. He plays an excellent mix of original music as well as cover songs. Daniel continually portrays a professional demeanor and is a favorite among Myth’s patrons."  --Myth (Old Market)


“Listening to Daniel Christian is akin to mining gold. His songwriting and performance chops are rock-solid, and there is treasure to be found in the lyrics, which pose thought-provoking questions.”  --Norfolk Daily News


"A delightful evening of music and fascinating stories. An inspiring, uplifting, and entertaining concert by a very talented artist!" --The Pawnee Republican


“Christian captures a truly unique sound, combining Rock, Folk and Country songs. Lyrics, like “If it’s true that I am sand / she is footprints on the beach,” show the talent of Christian’s writing and his ability to paint a beautiful picture. “Corners” is a song reminiscent of the Beatles and Ben Folds, in that the melody is extremely interesting and catchy. The variety of songs is refreshing, as it continuously keeps your interest. “Lover Like Me” is a rocker that makes you want to bounce your head up and down, while “Baby Cry” is a much more ‘vibey’ song. “Worse” is a tongue-in-cheek song that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. This up-and-coming artist has a great future ahead! Keep an eye out for this artist, as he might pop up on the Country chart, the AC chart, or even the AAA chart!”  --PowerSource Magazine


“Daniel Christian is what might happen if we merged the Beatles, Son Volt, The Vigilantes of Love, and Bob Dylan in his Memphis blues stage. A solid listen!”  --The Phantom Tollbooth

"Daniel Christian really delivered the goods. He is an entertaining and engaging singer-songwriter. Our guests loved him!" --Tim Rehm, Rehmsworld Concerts

“There are no boundaries around Daniel’s ability to WOW an audience! This singer-songwriter-multifaceted musician is IT! From screaming teen-agers, to admiring twenty-thirty-forty-somethings, and beyond, he doesn’t let anyone down! His tenacious focus and star-power will put Nebraska on the entertainment map!” --SchillingBridge Winery & Microbrewery


"Daniel Christian has appeared on the B-107.3 morning show and his talent and professionalism are top notch. Not to mention he's very charismatic and a really nice guy! His song ‘New Sun Rising’ was great when he performed it acoustically on the air, but the studio version on his CD is even better. I'm still listening to the CD in my car!” --Joe Skare, B-107.3 FM


“Christian is so well-versed that his lyrics never cease to be poetic and meaningful.”  
–-Stereo Subversion



“Engaging, well thought-out lyrics; style ranges from early James Taylor to contemporary Ryan Adams. Excellent production. Strong appeal. Strong foundation.“ --TAXI


"Daniel’s charisma and confidence elevate his delivery of approachable, uniquely stylized vocals and instrumentals. His open and engaging style tugs at his audience, drawing them closer, leaving them satisfied... and wanting more." --Jay Tallmon,  Brownville Entertainment Purveyor





“Awesome! Too much talent in one person. Daniel Christian is gifted!  He has a simple delivery that works perfectly.  I think we’ve stumbled upon another one of the industry’s true musicians in need of the spotlight.”  --Leslie White, I Am Entertainment Magazine  


“Daniel Christian has a smooth, clear pop voice that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Thought provoking songs that are as marketable as they are substantial. There is significant substance in the songwriting here that is reminiscent of some of the best songwriters in pop/rock music.”   
--Wildy’s World



"A very solid album." --L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal-Star, Ground Zer0

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