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Since 2010, Daniel Christian has entertained children and families as a member of The String Beans, even writing songs for the group. With over a dozen albums to their credit, Daniel's contributions have been scattered across the band's broad catalog (until now). This special-edition compilation collects Daniel's children's songs together in one place for the first time!

Daniel Christian of The String Beans

1. Am I Curious?
2. The Ballad of Rodney Rabbit
3. Nap Time
4. Have You Seen My Imaginary Friend?
5. My Eyes Are Playing Tricks On Me
6. Nobody Knows My Mama’s Name
7. Rocky the Rooster
8. Critter Quiz
9. Brand New Lollipop
10. My Pocket Hole
11. Don’t Smile
12. Catch Some Zs

Imaginary Friend (Download)

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